Pastoral Update - October 10

October 10 | Pastoral Update 

Hiya Friends — 

Last week as I was prepping my sermon I was thinking about you all. I was struck by how much affection was in my heart for you and how much hope I had I for us all to experience the life changing love and presence of God in our community. I began to feel thankfulness for you and for God’s invitation for each one of us to this place, where God is working. 

Below are a few things I would like you to see this week. Things happening in and around our community. Don't skip. Take a minute and read it. It's so good. Love you friends!

as in heaven, so on earth,

PS - How is your practice of prayer going? 

1 Autumn Festival!

Awaken East is a church that parties together. Seriously. We had a blast hanging out at the Borner farm in (NORTH) Hastings! If you didn’t make… we missed you. And thanks to the Borner for hosting! Pictures are at the bottom. vvv

 2 Dedication THIS Weekend!

William Huehn will be dedicated this weekend! This is a first for community! Yay for firsts! And yay for families and communities who want to raise their children to live in the Jesus way!

3 Liturgy

This weekends liturgy will be crafted around "The Beatitudes” from Matthew 5. The question I've been pondering... what does it mean to live blessed (not #blessed) lives. Ha!

4 LifeGroups Are Beginning

That's all. An opportunity to cultivate friendship and community. To get connected contact: James Earley.

5 Scripture Readers

Each week I’ll be hitting someone from our community up to read Scripture before the sermon. I might ask you a week out, I might ask you morning of. Be ready! Ha!

6 Voices

Something really unique is happening in the sound of our gatherings. When you hear a church say something like that they’re usually bragging on their rock’n'roll band. "We got this great "sound". That’s cool, but that’s not really our thing. I want us to notice that 6 different people used their voices to lead our community in our liturgy this last weekend.

Potentially you're thinking, what is the big deal. The big deal is that churches traditionally have 2-3 voices that talk into microphones. To have 6 is special. To have a community where our liturgy is moved by so many of our people is special. Also... liturgy literally means “the work of the people”. 

Thanks to Paul for pointing this out to me. 

7 Scripture Circles & Middle School

In the next few days we’ll be rolling our our plans for both Scripture Circles and an approach to creating some communities with our middle schoolers. Check the website and/or Facebook

What's Happening

Kids Community & Nursery Form

We have a handy form that will help us love and care for kids well. IF you have kids please fill out this form. We’ll have some physical ones there this weekend as well. 

Ashland Theater Clean Up Days

The Ashland Theater (the place we meet) is having a couple clean up dates and we want to serve them. The days are September 30th (this Saturday) & October 14th. Here is a link to signup.

Awaken All Parish Retreat!

October 27, 28, 29 Awaken All-Parish Retreat
For more info contact

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