The fasting of Lent prepares us for the feast of Easter. In the 40 days of Lent, we prepare for death: death to living lives disconnected from LIFE – from God.

Below are several opportunities & resources available to our community throughout Lent. 


East Side Foodshelf

February 18 through March 25, we'll be collecting food as we partner with Merrick Community Services to help them feed the hungry in our community. 


Daily Prayer

During Lent, we give special attention to cultivating God's presence in our lives as we seek more prayerful lives. Below is a prayer guide that entrusts this work to the Psalms and the Lord's Prayer.

Amazon - You can purchase a paper copy of the prayer guide. 
Epub - You can download a free ebook version of the prayer guide. 
Podcast - Audio versions of the prayers. Available on Podbean & iTunes.

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Ash Wednesday & Sundays in Lent

Ash Wednesday - February 14, 6:30pm*, we will gather with our friends at Awaken West 7th to remember: from dust we have come, and dust we will return. We will enter Lent mindful of mortality. 

Each Sunday in Lent, we will tell the story of Jesus as He makes His way to the cross. 

*no childcare provided for Ash Wednesday gathering.