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Daniel Lukas
Lead Pastor

I live in White Bear Lake with my wife, kids and pugs. I'm interested in walking with people as they learn how to practice the Jesus way in their lives. I would rather read an old book than a new one, especially if I'm sipping on good cup of coffee. I also do a fair bit of helping people cultivate a habit of prayer in their life.
twitter: _daniellukas_
podcast: lord teach us to pray


pastoral advisory team


amanda schmidt
Pastoral advisory team LEAD

For most of my adult life, I have served in churches, both as volunteer and paid staff serving in a variety of areas. Most of time while I was working days in a church, I was working nights in a bar. And most of my life is a bit like that, in complete contradiction and opposition to the other. I’m a little bit of a whole slew of things, think polypreneur....I have big opinions and enjoy the dialogue around those opinions. I’m a total work in progress...standing and straining to see the good way. (Jeremiah 6:16)

I’m a wife to one and momma to two. I am incredibly passionate about job creation and empowering individuals out of poverty through fair trade and ethical purchases. I’m a birth doula; and I truly believe every time I’ve attended a birth, I’ve been witness to the divine, standing on holy ground, holding sacred space.



Mark McMillen
Finance Lead




Lisa Adams
Awaken Network Lead




elspeth Atkinson




Andrew Carey
project lead